Featured Post: The Trayvon Martin Verdict: A Lesson on Faith

As the many of us are hurt at the disheartening news of a not guilty verdict.  The below post from FourDaze offers a different perspective, perhaps one that can help us reach some sort of peace.  A little reminder about where to keep your faith.
Trayvon Martin shooting protest 2012 Shankbone 10

My reaction to the Trayvon Martin case and it’s verdict are a little different then most.

As I see it, the verdict was more about the prosecution not meeting their burden of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt.  The jury cannot rule on feelings, they have to rule on evidence/facts.  We put our faith in the legal system, when our faith needs to remain in God.  The court and it’s ruling have no bearing on Final Judgement — God is in control.

We are a very reactive nation.  We are protesting in venues in which we can not bring about change.  Protesting in New York/Oakland/etc will not get rid of double jeopardy, it will not allow George Zimmerman to ever again be tried again for the same or similar charges.  However, protesting to get rid of  Stand Your Ground, or protesting for the creation of Neighborhood Watch Laws/Regulations etc. – those are protests that will aid in bringing about change.  Those are protests that would bring honor to Trayvon Martin’s name.

In prison George Zimmerman would be fed, clothed, washed and provided a place to sleep.  Our tax dollars would make sure that he is taken care of, better than we take care of most of our own.  Outside of prison, he has to live in fear.  He has accumulated mountains of debt and will accumulate more as he prepares to defend the ensuing civil cases.  Outside of prison he will have trouble finding a job, and seldom be able to move about in public safely.  Outside of prison he will be more “in prison” than he would be behind bars.

Faith is about believing not seeing.

Faith does not seek to understand.

Faith does not desire to take vengeance.

Faith knows that God is in control.