{Update}: Be Confident 4 Week Course Details

It’s Here! The info is here! Everything you could possibly want to know about the Be Confident 4 Week Course has been posted to the ParamiVitalityHHP.com website.  The additional details can be found re-posted below – for more information email paramivitalityhhp@paramivitalityhhp.com

“Judging and rejecting yourself causes enormous pain. And in the same way that you would favor and protect a physical wound, you find yourself avoiding anything that might aggravate the pain of self rejection in anyway”…How you perceive yourself and feel about yourself can change. And when those perceptions and feelings change, the ripple effect will touch every part of your life with a gradually expanding sense of freedom”

– Self Esteem by Matthew Mckay & Patrick Fanning

This quote is the basis for the framework behind the Be Confident 4-Week Course.  The Be Confident 4 Week Course is specifically designed to aid you in getting to the core…the very essence of why you feel the way you do about yourself — and help you learn to accept yourself!

Knowing you and accepting you for who you truly are — is where true confidence is found. – A.Sharie 

This course will contain information, activities and readings via both free and donation options, to aid you in being a more confident you!  Confidence gives the boost needed to be propelled out of our comfort zones and into a meaningful and mindful life!


Necessary Tools:

  • An open mind
  • Notebook or somewhere to keep track of your Weekly Reflections and Gratitude Journaling
  • Internet Access: The Classes/Workshops and Online Materials Sections will host materials necessary for the course. Also so should you choose to opt for to be apart of the email digest — you all receive even more support information to your inbox!

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: Catch Your Negative Thoughts
  • Week 2: Discover You
  • Week 3: Change Your Thoughts
  • Week 4: Embrace You aka Self Acceptance

Weekly Email Digest: 3 emails a week!

  • Day 1 – Week Activity & Other Goodies/Materials
  • Day 3 – Midweek Check in & Additional Confidence Support/Materials
  • Day 7 – Recap, Review & Reflect

Payment Options

Free: $0


  • Access to Course On Website via Password

Silver: $25


  • Email Digest Content
  • Supplemental Materials

Gold: $50


  • PDF E-Book of Course Lessons
  • Supplemental Materials and Articles
  • Email Digest Content
  • Email Support from ParamiVitalityHHP.com
  • 15% off of your choice of Life Coaching Package

Deadline for Enrollment and Payment: TBA

Course Start Date: TBA

Please Visit the ParamiVitalityHHP.com Be Confident Course Page for Donation/Registration Details