What’s the Real on Self Confidence?

A conceptual look at confidence, poise, assurance, cool.
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What’s the Real on Self Confidence?
Self Confidence = Self Efficacy + Self Esteem
Self-Confidence does more for you than just give you the wherewithal to do xyz, confidence to wear abc or gumption to speak efg.  Having confidence in yourself means soo much more, and the effects run much deeper.  As if we need any more reason to long for the awe-filled blissed out moment when we know us, and like us…here are even more benefits to encourage you to find and love your sense of self…
Emotional Competence
Those lacking confidence, tend to be controlled by their emotions.  Not being rooted in something (i.e. yourself, knowing you are loved)  will allow you to succumb to anything.  Self-confident people can control their own emotions and behaviors more responsibly. Self confidence grounds you…gives you stability in knowing that you 1. know you and 2. accept you.  At that point it matters not, what other people think of you or believe about you  — because you know you.
Health & Happiness
It is generally known/accepted that positive self-esteem and confidence are indicators of good mental health. Health & happiness often go hand in hand, and have a positive correlation with overall quality of life.  A positive attitude results from feeling good about yourself and your abilities.  When you go through life with a positive mindset, you are more prepared to deal with the challenges and quickly recover from any setbacks. A healthy dose of confidence can improve your quality of life, from the way you think and feel, to the way you act.
Sense of Self Worth
Being confident in yourself and your abilities, will help you remain strong and steadfast will help you in your own decisions in life.  You will not subject yourself to individuals or situations that are not within your best interest, because you understand and believe that you are worth more and know better. This sense of self worth does not happen over night, but with a consistent and focused effort it can be your “norm”.
Signs of lacking Confidence
Not everything on the list means that you are lacking self confidence…but certainly more than a few might mean its something you should consider.  Often times we are not even aware that we are selling ourself short, until we take an objective look at our lives.
  • Negative Thinking
  • Social Withdrawal/Shy & Unneasy
  • Low Expectations
  • Seeking Acceptance
  • Excuses & Defensiveness
  • Uncertain of yourself
  • Lacking Sense of Direction in Life
  • Sticking to Your Comfort Zone
So What Now?
There are soo many options and outlets to begin working towards a more confident you.  First and foremost it is worth mentioning that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and you should remind yourself daily.  Aside from that you can pick up habits like…
Last but not least…
You can partake in the Be Confident Four Week Web Course.  A Course Co-Authored/Co-Created between the Grateful & Awake Team and ParamiVitalityHHP.Com.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

-Henry David Thoreau