Coming Soon: Be Confident a 4 Week Web-Course

Later this year will be hosting a free (with paid options too) web course entitled Be Confident.  I’m SUPER excited to share this information with you, because it is sure to be an awesome course!  More details will be made available as the start date draws closer.  But for now, you can read the kick of post below:

Your self-confidence (or lack there of)  impacts almost every aspect of your daily life.  These impacts can either be positive or negative, depending upon your level of self acceptance.

The Be Confident 4 Week Course is specifically designed to aid you in getting to the core…the very essence of why you feel the way you do about yourself — and help you learn to accept yourself!

Knowing you and accepting you for who you truly are — is where true confidence is found. – A.Sharie

This course will contain information, activities and readings via both free and paid options, to aid you in being a more confident you!

So stay tuned for more details, and get excited — you are about to embark on a journey to a more confident outlook towards yourself and thus your life!

From: Parami Vitality HHP – Be Confident a 4 Week Web-Course

Having confidence in ourselves and our abilities opens SO many more doors than one could even imagine.  Here’s to confidently breaking out of our comfort zones!