Featured Post: Freedom In Hope – The Gift of Not Wanting What Others Have

I had to switch to feedly, from google reader — but none the less, here is a little gem that spoke to me today…from Kimberlylux

Hope is by far my greatest stimulation. It fuels my every move, my every plan of action. And it is truly the reason why I live everyday with a purpose. I’ve never given my hope enough gratitude because I never realized the power it has always had over me. These past couple of weeks, I’ve caught myself experiencing a crazy amount of random spurts of joy. The type of joy that has made me want to yell “YUSSSS”, jump up and down, and fill a room up with ghastly laughter. And I, at often times, have had to stop and ask myself, “Kimberly, why are you so freakin’ excited?”. Only to realize that hope, was the culprit and dictator over the joy that instantaneously consumed and took over me. It’s as though the knowledge I obtain each and every day along with the confidence I have in myself effortlessly creates a burst of energy strong enough to lift my very spirits- regardless of where my spirits once existed. I’m constantly excited about the dreams, goals, and hopes that I have for myself, not because they look good, but because I can feel myself inching closer and closer to them. Hope is what gets us excited about love, what drives us to work harder in all that we do, and what allows us to free ourselves, in such a way, that allows for us to fly. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, learning, and indulging myself in the very things I wish to one day hold in my arms – in the form of cities, countries, challenges, and careers- and by doing so I have allowed my spirit and mind to wander to the very places I wish to see before I die. That is why I never want what others have because if I had it, I wouldn’t have the hunger that makes me work hard and give my all, in hopes of one day being nourished. We’re fueled by hope and we can only live with a purpose in mind if we are hopeful. When you allow yourself to indulge in the very things that you wish to one day have you’ll have a sense of empowerment and strength unlike any of other enlightment you have ever seen shine on you. Freedom in hope will give you a valid reason to get excited and will constantly give you something to work towards. It’ll erupt a fire in you that will fuel the very part of you necessary to promote and push drive. Finding freedom in my hope has given me the gift of a fulfilled life and many days well spent.