Featured Post: 7 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes I operate in my comfort zone…but that’s just not where the magic happens…this post from The Rose Colored Lens, gives great and practical advice for combating your own comfort zone.

7 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

People seek out safety and stability from birth. Establishing personal and professional boundaries that satisfy these inherent needs is necessary, but what happens when you yearn for your freedom from behind the big fence you’ve slowly built throughout your life?

Moving out of your area of comfort is essential to flourish, accomplish your ultimate dreams and lead a remarkable life. Recognizing what activities and philosophies are within your comfort zone enables you to begin to contemplate the idea of pushing through that fence in order to experience the wonders of life and the world that you never thought were “for you.” That invisible line that divides comfort and dreams must be broken to take advantage of all that life has to offer.

Check out some useful tips to help you move out of your comfort zone below:

1. Conquer Your Greatest Fear

Think of that one momentous fear that makes your adrenaline rush. Yes, that one. Whether it’s something simple or deeply rooted, begin to make a plan to work towards overcoming it. Living life without a major fear will allow you to lead a liberated existence; away from the tight grip fear often holds. Check out “Mind Monsters” and “The Confidence Gap” for more thorough exploration on how to work towards defeating fear.

2. Do Something Out of the Norm

Deviation is the key to opening doors to new experiences.  Provoking yourself to do something outside of “the norm,” or even your normal daily routine, has the opportunity to add an energizing quality to the usual ordinary. You never know what life has in store for you unless you put yourself out there. Move forward by taking the first dive. The plunge will revitalize you.

3. Cross a Boundary

Boundaries are instituted by society, family and your own psyche for varying reasons. They may or may not have your best interests in mind. That is for you to determine. Once you figure out what boundaries are and aren’t good for your own development, begin to blaze new paths and drive onward. Some of the best opportunities wait on the other side of these fictional limits, which often remain unclaimed because of personal trepidation.

4. Establish a New Connection

Each and every day we interact with dozens of people, unaware of the diverse and fascinating life stories each person carries with them. Get to know someone new, whether it’s a complete stranger or a person you already may already know casually. The insight they share with you will be surprising.

Beginning to link yourself with people in your world and beyond will give you a clear perspective on how we are all connected in one way or another. Robert Randall’s “The Healing Power of Connection: A Simple Path to Self-Discovery and the Joy of Belonging” highlights the need to reconnect in a generally disconnected universe.

5. Forge an Unfamiliar Front

Familiarity breeds comfort. Instead of sitting there and thinking of all the amazing things you’d like to do in your life, just act. Actions create moments, generating tangible happiness. The unknown is frightening, as it has the chance to crush our soul, but can also raise us to new, incredible heights. So smash your fears and finally take the leap. Do the things you’ve always been dreaming of but have been too scared to pursue until now. It will feel liberating once it’s done.

6. Take A Stand

We’ve all been there – you get belittled or put down by co-workers, family members or friends. You’re too scared to respond in fear of the damaging implications that may follow. This doesn’t reign true for every situation, but when the conditions are right you must, and should, take a stand for yourself. Letting people walk over you will only perpetuate problems in the long run.

This can also translate to standing up for a specific belief, whether philosophical or ideological. Remaining committed to your core values and expressing them consistently will bring satisfaction and self-acceptance – both keys to leading a fulfilling existence.

7. Finish That Last Step

Things happen, life goes on, but there’s always that one project that has to be finished or a set of emotions that should have been expressed. Do it. Don’t wait and contemplate it endlessly. The more you analyze whether you should or shouldn’t go for it, whatever that “it” may be, the more your mind will stack the negatives higher than the positives. Make it a priority to tie up all loose ends, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, and move on.


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