Week Five: Law of Subtraction

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I was super excited when getting to this chapter.  The opening sentence is definitely me in a nutshell, “Some might call me a self-improvement junkie; I love taking workshops, believe in astrology and numerology, practice yoga, and often buy books on how to be a better businessperson.” — so naturally I was eager to get to the practices of this chapter because they’d clearly be important for me.  I needed this week as it was a more introspective week as opposed to an active sorting through my clutter week.  I continued to sort through my clutter but I also used these practices to re-evaluate my goals and focus as we moved into the month of February.

The Way:

Self improvement evolves, at times adding a new practice and at other times elimination what no longer works.  Keeping an open mind to knowledge in all of its forms will open you up to unforeseen growth opportunities.

Daily Practices:

  • Analyze your approach to life.  Are you in “addition” mode with too many activities, books to read, and classes to attend?  Pause and evaluate which ones hold the most meaning now, and embrace them with your full attention and energy.  Once your evolutionary step is completed, you can move on to the next level.

  • Change your approach to the world by employing a glass-half-full mentality.  When we dwell in the negativity, we are not able to see anything but obstacles and become part of a vicious cycle of negativity.  Breaking this pattern will allow you to attract better experiences, relationships, and activities.

  • Be mindful of letting space enter your life and not filling it up too quickly.  Dwell in the white space, and let something leave your life quietly before seeking a replacement.  Acknowledge the gaps in your schedule, and thoughtfully fill them when the time is right.