Week Four: Remove The Obstacles

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This week was sort of like a continuation of last week, but took a deeper look at some of the stuff we like to hold on to.  For me this is just about my whole room — its like a time capsule to my entire life.  I used a worksheet I created last week, to segment my rooms and then segment them into areas — and focus on ONE way to de-clutter per area.  This week I took it a step further to “Remove the Obstacles”.  I looked at what I was holding on to for emotional reasons, as opposed to “rational” reasons I guess you could say.  I realized that 9 times out of 10 I had no real rational for holding on to something other than a somewhat emotional attachment.  Half of those emotional attachments grew “stronger” with time.  So 4 years later this little troll i thought was cute, I ended up keeping because I had it for so long.

From the book…

The Way:

Leaving something behind can be difficult, especially when it is not your choice.  Knowing that each step in our lives better prepares us for the next step can help turn a disappointment into a springboard for greater success.

Daily Tasks:

  • At times our emotional side makes us hold on to things just for the sake of holding on.  To make room for your future, you need to let go of things that serve only your past.

  • Nostalgic thinking makes things look better than it was — as if the future wouldn’t ever compare.  Be cognizant of your romanticizing past situations, and take comfort in knowing that you have the power to create a future on your own terms.  Retire the Monday-morning-quarterback for good, and readjust your practical side to move through situations with purpose.