Week Three: Do Not Delay Your Decisions With Clutter

Live More Want Less


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Clutter should be my middle name.  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a hoarder — but I surely do love my stuff! One of my main reasons for clutter was spelled out perfectly in this weeks lesson, “thinking something will be needed in the future.” — I always thinking that I will miss something if i get rid of it.  Truthfully, to this day, I have not missed anything I’ve gotten rid of in the past.  A list of questions was provided to aid in deciding whether something is needed (or not) — though seemingly simple, answering them truthfully is what helped them to be most effective.

  1. Will I ever use this item again?
  2. When was the last time I used this item?
  3. Does this item work?
  4. Is it outdated, broken, or ill fitting?

I knew this challenge would not be able to be limited to a week for me.  I had to break my room(s) down into sections i.e., bathroom, bed area, closet, bathroom, dresser, office etc.  From there I can take my inventory and move forward.  This week I definitely was able to identify items that literally MUST go.  I found a flat iron that I honestly haven’t used since maybe 8th grade at best!  Needless to say this process is exciting as I’m most definitely clearing clutter, but it is also time consuming and tiring!  I’m going to have to implement a schedule to continue my clutter clearing, as I move forward with the future weeks/lessons.

From the book…

The Way:

Practice active decision making, and become emboldened by the power you have over your stuff.  Once you flip from passive to active mode, you will be able to live simply with less clutter.

Daily Practices:

  • Consider what your motivation has been to build up this clutter, and realize that much of what delays your progress lies in excuse making.  Starting now, make a conscious effort to eliminate the habit of excuse making.  Put your items on notice, and recognize that time frame, let it go without exception.

  • Set a time limit on how long you can keep certain unused things.  If you have not used it within that time frame, let it go without exception.

  • Envision organizing as a daily ritual like exercising, walking the dog or brushing your teeth.  This mindset will help you find time every day to engage in clutter clearing.