Need a Spiritual Retreat — Create Your Own!

Spiritual Retreat

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So here you are…you know about meditation, deep breathing and perhaps even practice yoga — you are to the point where you need to step it up a notch, and start using these practices as a part of your daily life! But where do you begin?  This is the point where I found myself not too long ago. I could not figure out where I wanted to practice my breathing, yoga and meditation   If/when I did, I was not quite inspired by my surroundings — and on the off chance that I was I just could not get a flow together or even get comfortable.  One day I decided I needed  a spiritual retreat, yoga corner, mind sanctuary – whatever you want to name it, I needed it so that I could truly make mindfulness a part of my life in every way.

Next was the transformation of the corner in my room I decided to use for my Spiritual Retreat space.  I used tips from Self Help Tree to assist me in this process;

  • A way to remove clutter from your space – Clutter is the bane of relaxation. Whether you intend to create your space indoors or out, free the area from “junk.” Consider following the principles of feng shui here. Go for cool, relaxing colors or neutrals. Make sure that your seating area does not place you with your back to a door. If you’re going for a space that’s outdoors, keep it as natural and soothing as possible.
  • A comfortable seating area – It doesn’t matter whether you choose to use pillows on the floor or you want a cozy recliner to relax and meditate in, make sure comfort is priority number one here.
  • A focal point – Whether you choose to use religious imagery or something more secular, place a focal point for meditation in your sanctuary. This aid will help you with meditation and can give you something to hone in on as you learn to relax your mind and body.
  • Other enhancements – While less is often more in a spiritual retreat, there are a few other enhancements that can help make your sanctuary a true place for de-stressing. Consider such things as a CD player for piping in meditative music or sounds, a few books to guide you along the way, aromatherapy infusers to put your mind in the right frame for meditation and so on.

I opted for cool blues and browns, and natural light as the space is right next to the windows in my bedroom.  Also I have a small bookshelf that houses most of my self help books, as well as my collection of prayer beads. On top of it are my candles and incense, almost anything one could possible need to relax.  It is the most tranquil space in my whole house! As strange as this may sound, i opted for a dog pillow to sit on. They have massive dog pillows at Tj Maxx etc for about 20 dollars, and its extremely comfortable and fit with my whole color scheme!

The creation of this space had immediate positive affects on my meditation practice and mindfulness.   It was no longer a chore to get me into a relaxed state, or comfortable position/location — half the battle was already won once I created my retreat.  The only thing left for me to do was carve a time and get to my space.  I do my morning yoga sequence there, meditate there, and sometimes even read from there.  If you have the space and resources, creating your own spiritual retreat would be one of the best gifts you could give yourself.