Week One: Ritual

Live More Want Less


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This week was focused on the mindset needed for the transformation process.  It explained how resolutions can be, and that the date on the calendar is arbitrary (kind of like my next chapter post here).  I used this week and the points presented to go back and take a look over my goals.  Make sure that I was not setting myself up for failure, and that I was allotting myself a reasonable amount of time for “transformation”

Though I kept the same goals, I did change the way I looked at some of them.  Instead of focusing solely on the end goal — I’m embracing the process as well.  The journey to the end goal is of equal importance to me as getting there.  So with that being said I’ve redistributed some of my goals.  Allowing full a month (or more) to make it become a habit…taking baby steps.  So that when i move forward to the next month – I have that habit under my belt, and I’m ready to tackle the next one.  Like they all say (whoever they are lol) “Rome wasn’t built in a day“.

From the book…

The Way: Lose the all or nothing mentality that resolutions engender; instead, practice daily rituals that slowly take root over time.

My Favorite of the Daily Practices:

  • Be Selective. Most of our promises to do better in the new year fall short because we simply choose too much to do all at once. Guarantee your success by being single minded: focus on becoming better at one area or task in your life. Do not give in to your knee-jerk reaction to list 10 resolutions to fix ASAP.  Pick one or two areas to improve on overtime.

  • As you look at the good habits you want to foster, also review the bad habits you have cultivated. Letting something go at the beginning of a transformation is as powerful as taking on something new. Review the rituals that may have become harmful, and choose one to release.

On to Week Two!