The Next Chapter…

you can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one


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Too many years have gone by where people make resolutions that are rooted in the past; resolutions that have negative undertones — that are doomed to fail from their creation.  This year between your Personal Manifesto and list of goals — move forward with positive intentions.

Instead of looking in the mirror, vowing to lose weight and start an exercise regimen — vow to accept your body as it is, and move forward treating it in the best way possible.  Vow to eat healthier, vow to workout — not for the purpose of losing weight, but to be healthy and be the best YOU in 2013.  This way you can live out your  resolutions in a positive light, as opposed to watching the scale flip flop, as if the numbers somehow equate to your self worth.

Instead of choosing to do different or be different than you have been in the past, focus purely on the future.  Let go of the “you” of the past, and let the future “you” evolve with no precursors, qualifications or limitations.  Vow to no longer define yourself by what you have done — but by what you will do!  Where you have been, has helped to shape you into the person you are today, but it does not have to define the person you are today — only the present you can.

As you move forward to 2013…leave 2012 behind, take with you the lessons and memories and let them help guide you — but do not let them define you.  Let go of the emotions and expectations attached to them– so this year can be awesome!