Creative Visualization – My Life Movie!

creative visualization

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I enjoy all aspects of creating my life.  I meditate, I have a vision board, I try to prepare myself for the things I want to manifest in my life so I can be  “ready” to receive them — and all that jazz.  Creative visualization at times could be a struggle for me — because I always felt like I was doing it wrong or not being concise enough.  Essentially creative visualization is using your imagination to change your deepest beliefs, by vividly seeing, feeling and thinking about achieving your goals.

One day I was talking to my friend…whom we shall call MP – and his intensity level is just so high you can’t help but to be inspired.  Nonetheless, upon listening to my concerns about my lack of creativity in my visualization, he explained to me the correlation between TV commercials and shopping trends. You know the typical see a commercial for McDonalds 15minutes later you want McDonalds — or the over the next couple days you find yourself making your way to McDonalds.  Anyways he told me to try applying this concept to my vision board and turn it into a mini movie.  By using the affects on my computer, timing, focus etc — I can be “specific” in what portion of the pictures I choose to be the focus and for how long.

Over the next couple days I collected pictures online and started to string them together.  I gave my video some what of a theme and tried to string my pictures together in a sort of coherent manner as I would my day/life.  One loop is me starting my day, going to work — with images of embracing each morning, meditation, bible verses and the workplace.  My second loop consists of my goals, dreams, hobbies etc.  It has a house, and some key aspects of the interior of my future home i would like (like a modern home office), exotic places I want to travel to, images of working out, photography, images depicting saving money etc.  Each loop plays twice to one of my favorite Mos Def songs May-December (i highly suggest you give this instrumental a listen, its fantastic).  The time spent on each picture varies…on images I truly want to resonate, it tends to be a little longer 3-4 seconds, others around 2.

I try (tho I have been slacking) to watch the video every morning — I have it on my phone, and as a private video on youtube.  I try to watch it FIRST thing in the morning so that it can set the tone for my day, and then once or twice at some point throughout the day.  I will say when I was consistently watching for 2-3 weeks, I found myself thinking back on it during the course of my day.  One day I went to spend money frivolously and thought back to the image of the lady holding a piggy bank, and during my town house search I started coming across townhouses/condos with an extra space for my amazing home office.  I highly suggest at least trying this out for yourself, I really do believe it can be beneficial!

Some of the images from my video are:

passports happiness chasereceipt vacay2