Be still…Meditate

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“Only in quiet waters things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” – Hans Margolius

Meditation is the way to the emptying of thought. It is a disciplined practice of silence. It allows you to de-clutter your mind of distracting thoughts and negative emotions. Meditation helps you build a bridge for spiritual connection from within. It also assists you in channeling insight and inspiration.” –

Meditating is one of the most awesome/beneficial habits I’ve ever picked up.  However, it was incredibly hard for me in the beginning.  I am a complete and utter busy body – doing 100 things at once, thinking about the next 250 things I’m going to do after, worrying, over-thinking and everything else between (if that’s even possible lol).  Getting myself to meditate was just flat ass out hard to do.  I started with a book – How To Meditate – I had seen it mentioned a few times here and there, so I figured there could be no harm.

I found that before meditating I needed to already be somewhat relaxed. But not too relaxed, like before bed – I discovered that I was “meditating” myself right to sleep.  I eventually found that early evening, or morning were the more appropriate times for myself.  The morning allowed me to start my day on the right foot, and early evening helped me decompress from work and shift my mindset for my evening activities.

In the beginning, trying to tell myself to shut up long enough to meditate, did nothing but irritate me.  I spent more time talking to myself about sitting still and focusing, that I was missing the whole point of what I was trying to do by sitting down, meditate.  I had to realize and embrace that wandering off is very normal.  Giving myself a break and allowing my mind to relax. It was easiest to begin by just simply focus on my breathing — inhaling and exhaling, and feeling the sensations that it stimulated throughout my body. I eventually was able to learn to bring my full presence into each moment. I could remove all distractions.

As a beginner, I had to be realistic with myself that it was not going to be pretty or perfect from the start. I had all these high expectations for myself; I was going to come out the other end both enlightened and closer to God – all in one session.  The sooner I let go of these and truly embraced the practice of meditation – I found I am capable of achieving that and so much more.

“Through meditation, we learn how to observe – without filters, emotional bias and subjective opinions. We become less caught up in the emotional content of our stories. We break out of habitual negative thinking.”