Be Grateful


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One of the single most important lessons, that has had a significant impact on my life, is learning to express gratitude. Not just simply telling people thank you, but telling the Universe thank you, telling my God thank you — acknowledge even the most minute details of my day…and being sincerely thankful for them. Every day I choose 5 things and write them in my Gratitude Journal (I’m a pen and paper kinda gal, but there are online options too), it can be as simple as sunshine…or as complex as trying to describe the feeling after a much needed “me-time” session — one day I was simply grateful for the fact that I could be grateful. 5 is by no means the “required” number, I just use it because I try to not repeat items in the same few days. This is my way of being SURE that I’m not missing things, or getting stuck in a rut and missing the point of the exercise.

Sometimes, on a particularly trying day, I can not always identify something…anything to be grateful for (#firstworldproblems I know, but it is what it is). On days like those, I try to focus on turning my not-so-ideal circumstances or events — into reasons to be grateful. I try to look for lessons learned, or at the fact that although I didn’t quite get my way — it went someway, which could lead to something even better. The point is, there is always a silver lining…and a sign that you are truly evolving is your ability to readily find it!

Not sure what you can be grateful for…here are some of favorites:

  • Sunshine – i love the way it feels on my face, i love how beautiful it makes everything look, it makes things grow….keeps me healthy. I literally work with my blinds all the way open every day.
  • My Puppy – he’s the happiest little yorkie — i can be in tears, but smile when he runs towards me with a toy in his mouth eager to play with me.
  • XYZ Friend – i try to interact with my friends daily in some manner — on any given day I can find myself thankful for any one of them.
  • My job – aside from the obvious financial reasons, i try to name finite things. Like my location in downtown DC allows me to sometimes frequent museums for lunch, or my proximity to a plethora of food options allows me to indulge my inner fat kid.
  • The internet – everyday i find or learn something new — or I’m able to do things like this!

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