Live More Want Less – 52 Week Project

Live More

I came across this book, when I returned home from college.  I had sooo much stuff, from dorm rooms, apartments, etc and stuff at home that never made it with me to school.  The first time I read this book I truly enjoyed it.  However, I wasn’t quite “using it” properly.  In 180 Pages author Mary Carlomango presents 52 ideas to aid in not just acquiring less stuff, but the overall idea of simplifying life itself.

I will be re-reading this book, starting Dec 30, 2012, and utilizing a theme a week, to help me with this final cleanse of “my stuff” and “my life”.  I say final, because in almost exactly one year — I will *fingers-crossed* be moving out and into my own home.  One idea/statement made that stood out to me was the idea that “Free means free of charge; it doesn’t mean it is free of space. How many of us own scores of items that we have never subsequently used but because we got it for free, we retain it, and it gobbles up space in our closets and our lives.” I am notorious for loving free things, I mean who doesn’t?! I used to have a collection of lotion samples from hotels and I have all those bags that come with perfumes (more than can even be re-purposed).

The problem with all of this borderline hoarding behavior is it makes my room and life feel cluttered.  I can deal with disorder to a degree — but I have found that the one place I truly can not deal with it is in my room.  When my room is cluttered, I don’t sleep well and I feel unorganized.  Overall it makes me feel jumbled and bogged down. The worst part is even while knowing this, I’d still “let” my room get out of hand.  One day I realized, I had no choice — I had/have toooo much stuff to keep order for more than 15 seconds.   So with that said, if you’d like to follow along with my weekly progress – updates can be found under the Live More Want Less Category and Page!